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Help your pet build immunities and fight the illnesses they may encounter during their lifetime. Each kit includes an assortment of quality herbal products to help keep your pet healthy and happy. (Two layers of products in this bag! Great Kits! Long lasting)

What's in the kit?

Canine Care Kit: Parvaid Vibactra Plus Pet's Cough & Cold Formula Vaccination & Wormer Detox Adizone (2 dram) Kidney Rejuvenator (2 dram) Leash Bandages 5cc Syringe

Feline Care Kit: Kitty Distempaid Vibactra Plus Pet's Cough & Cold Formula Vaccination & Wormer Detox Kidney Rejuvenator (2 dram) Urinary Tract Relief (2 dram) Leash Bandages 5cc Syringe


The Purpose and Design of These Kits are to give your pet many opportunities to thrive when dealing with a variety of issues. Use the kit at home - and save vet visits.  (this does not take the place of your vet - but allows a safety net when the vet is not around... it allows you to use herbs and feel safe knowing testimonials compliment results).


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Give Them Care Now – Don’t wait when care is needed .. it may be too late.  Keep supplies on hand.

This is one of the best investments you can make for your pet family.  Vets are not always available – that’s where this comes in for when you need it the most!  – - It can mean your pets life by your taking appropriate action to do what you can RIGHT NOW.
Value Your Dog and Puppy
Do You Know Cases of Distemper in Kittens or Cats?
Do You Know Cases of Parvo in Dogs or Puppies?
Stomach Trouble?  Cold? Kennel Koff? Detox? Heart, Skin, Nerves… or ?? 
The kit handles most of these, and additional herbal products are available for specific ailments. 

(other products available were made for more than these conditions… check them out!) There has been success in using this kit – - PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY!  It is even used by vets who like using natural methods for their pets.  Please read the earlier information listed. It’s Value … IS PRICELESS…..
A Valuable Pet Kit Awaits You – Treasure It!
Questions?  Contact Us – petluvncare@mail.com

***NOTE - We believe that our products should be used in conjunction and coordination with treatment and evaluation by licensed veterinarians. Our products are in no way meant to replace care by a veterinarian.


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If purchasing a pet care kit, it is advised to order Life Cell Support for added detox & rejuvenation for faster recovery time. (see below).

With Antioxidants!  - Add to Pet Kit for Greater Healing!

An all-natural dietary supplement. Supports ongoing maintenance of oxygen carrying capacity, circulation, immune function, facilitates the detoxification & rejuvenation of critical internal organ systems and stimulates cell regeneration. 

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Cat Care Kit (s/h incl)

Cat Care Kit (in Texas) s/h incl

Parvo Kit - Parvaid-Vibactra-LifeCell

Quantity Discounts - Choose Below

Vibactra Plus ™Life Cell Support ™PARVAID ™

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Dog Care Kit (s/h incl)

Price $137.32


Dog Care Kit (in Texas) s/h incl

Price $147.80


If you already have the Pet Care Kit, You May Purchase Life Cell Support by itself - or get the Parvo Kit which has it included.

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