We offer pet photos on canvas to "show" off your pet, as well as herbal pet products, and the pet store, to make you and your pet's life more enjoyable.. browse now... & Grab a "pet care kit" - - it's a must have for your pets! (even serious health issues).

They Are Loved: on Canvas & Given the Care Kit...


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Special Pets

SHOW off your pet - how?

Begin: see pet photo samples to be replaced by your own photo (choose embossed or original type prints to be placed on canvas) click here - Upload photo in an attachment to email below:

Email:  pethangup@mail.com to upload your picture chosen for canvas printing.

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For more info on pet photos click here (if link is not available - please email us at above address for any information)

You may see further examples to assist your photo selection  (click here)

CARE for your pet, how?


Need a sitter for your pet?  click here

Here's your ideal litter box - click here

Target for more PET CARE - CLICK HERE   (see warm pet beds below)


Flea & Tick Control
Health Supplies
Houses & Habitats
Litter & Housebreaking
Pet Memorials
Training & Behavior Aids

referred by PetLuv-n-Care.com  (hints, suggestions and herbal remedies)


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